“When you feel stuck and can’t seem to move ahead, always remember that you don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going!” - Barbara Corcoran

These practices are supported by research and we encourage folks to give them a try. But, we also acknowledge that we all have different backgrounds and experiences. This may make your strategies and practices look different in your family.

Moving from Stuck to Unstuck

Can you relate to any of these situations?

  • You ask several times, but your kid just won’t get off Fortnite
  • The kitchen is a big mess, but you just cant make yourself tackle it
  • You had an argument with your partner and you just keep going over it in your mind
  • Your child is super disappointed that it isn’t a snow day and has a huge meltdown

We all get stuck sometimes. Stuck wanting to keep doing something we enjoy. Stuck not wanting to do something we don’t feel like doing. Stuck in our thoughts. Stuck in big feelings.

Getting stuck happens to all of us. Sometimes we can be stuck in a positive way or virtuous cycle. But sometimes we get stuck in a vicious cycle that gets in our way. So what things can help us unstick?  We can work on skills, beliefs, emotions and connection. We can work to face things that are hard. It will take effort and time, but we can.

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Here are some things to try

  • Increase skill through trying and practicing
  • Find ways to change negative beliefs about oneself or the situation
  • Figure out ways to challenge or cope with negative feelings
  • Recognize small improvements
  • Believe in yourself or your child’s ability to face hard things
  • Build close connections

Check out these great YouTube videos

A brain says to a heart, “Did you know that as you get older it becomes more difficult to change your mind?” The brain continues, “and it's not just a matter of neural function; your habits, the safety net of familiarity, all of it contributes to this inability to make drastic life changes! Even a simple break in routine can cause moderate anxiety.” The heart replies, “So you don't want to go outside?” The brain says, “No. I'm already INSIDE!”

Click image to expand. (Source: The Awkward Yeti)

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