Facility Services helps staff use their skills and resources to effectively provide a safe, clean, and positive educational environments for the students and staff, who use Board buildings and grounds each school day.

Facility Services is responsible for capital construction and renovation projects, custodial services, school building and grounds maintenance, facility management services and community use of schools.

We have more than 500 professional and dedicated team members that strive to provide excellent customer service. The Waterloo Region District School Board schools are divided into four areas based on location within the region:

  • Area 1 – East
  • Area 2 – North
  • Area 3 – South
  • Area 4 – West

Each area has a Facility Manager who acts as the main point of contact between the school administration and Facility Services. Each area is also supported by three facility supervisors who oversee day-to-day operations including custodial and maintenance.