The senior team represents the four main organizational units:

Corporate Services

Corporate Services, including the office of the Director of Education, are responsible for the overall management of Board of Trustee activities as well as system-wide communications and engagement.

Student Achievement and Well-Being

The Student Achievement and Well-Being (SAWB) team are responsible for ensuring that the individual schools and school administrators adhere to the Board’s policies and procedures. They are instructional leaders who work closely with principals and teachers in families of school groupings to optimize learning, well-being and achievement for all students. SAWB is also responsible for the strategic management of Information Technology Services for the district.

An alphabetical list of schools with their area and corresponding superintendent is available here.

Associate Director

Student Achievement & Well-Being Team

Business Services

The business services team builds and maintains schools that support successful learning for all students. They are also responsible for the effective management of the financial resources of the board.

Human Resource Services

Human resource services are responsible for the management of all WRDSB employee groups, collective bargaining, pay and benefits, and the well-being of our staff.

Role of the senior team

The senior team is the top leadership team for WRDSB. Individually and collectively they are responsible for the strategic direction and daily operations of the district including:

  • Monitoring the performance of schools and student achievement
  • Identifying and providing specialized services for students
  • Administering the budget
  • Planning, constructing, operating and maintaining Board facilities
  • Negotiating collective bargaining agreements with staff unions
  • Implementing the policies of the Ministry of Education and the Board of Trustees
  • Providing leadership in the implementation and monitoring of the strategic plan
  • Improve student achievement and well-being for each and every student by supporting administrators and our schools
  • Fostering a collaborative service-oriented culture that nurtures productive working relationships with all stakeholders in the service of student achievement and well-being
  • Consistently using evidence and research to make informed decisions, to monitor implementation, to mobilize collective knowledge and know-how, and to build a culture of shared accountability