Effective Monday, November 14, 2022, the Waterloo Region District School Board will resume in person Board and Committee of the Whole meetings.  Meeting are held in the Boardroom at 51 Ardelt Avenue, Kitchener, Ontario.

Meeting will continue to be live-streamed and recorded for those preferring to watch from home. 

With the return to in person meetings, the WRDSB is able to facilitate both in person and virtual delegation attendance. Delegations will have two (2) options: 

  1. Delegate in person at 51 Ardelt Avenue, Kitchener, Ontario.
  2. Attend the meeting virtually via Zoom.

We would invite individuals to complete the “Register your Delegation” form below.

Individuals, organizations and groups are welcome to speak to the Board as a delegation.

In accordance with Board Bylaws, at regular Board meetings, delegations speak only to matters relevant to items listed on the agenda. All other presentations will be scheduled at Committee of the Whole Meetings.

You may register as a delegation by completing and submitting the online delegation form prior to the meeting at which you would like to speak. You should register by noon on the Thursday prior to the meeting in order for your information to appear on the Agenda. The form requires you to summarize the issue you are speaking about. Once this form has been received your delegation request will be confirmed during business hours.

Please note that a maximum of eight (8) delegates will be scheduled per Committee of the Whole or Board Meeting. The exception to this rule is Special Delegation Meetings, which the Board has the option of scheduling to hear from the public on specific matters such as budget or accommodation reviews.

You may register for one place on the agenda. Once registered, your place is not transferable to another party unless extenuating circumstances exist (e.g. illness of delegate). Multiple registrations (registering for other people besides yourself) are not permitted under the Board’s Bylaws.

Rules for delegations

In addition, the Board’s Bylaws set out the following procedures when presenting as a delegate to the Board:

  • All remarks are to be confined to the issue you are addressing and discourteous language, reference to personalities or statements contravening the Ontario Human Rights Code or the Charter of Rights and Freedoms will not be tolerated.
  • Any visual or audio presentations (PowerPoint, Slides etc.) used to support your delegations will need to be sent to the Manager of Corporate Services by noon on the Thursday before the meeting. 
  • Up to ten (10) minutes are scheduled for each presentation. Exceptions to this rule are permitted only through a vote taken and supported by a majority of trustees.
  • Virtual Delegations: Delegations will be out in the meeting’s virtual “waiting room” until it is time to speak. Delegations can follow along by watching the Live Stream until it is time to present. Note: the Live Stream is on a slight delay.
  • When it is time for your presentation at the meeting, the Board Chair will announce your name and ask you to begin.
  • At the beginning of your presentation, the timer will be set for ten minutes. When nine minutes have passed, the Board Chairperson will advise that you have one minute remaining to bring your presentation to a close.
  • Following each presentation, trustees will have an opportunity to ask questions for clarification relating to your remarks. They are not permitted to discuss or debate the issue at that time.
  • If the item you are addressing is listed on the agenda, then trustees will discuss the matter at the appropriate time.
  • If your issue is NOT listed on the agenda, then trustees may opt to:
    • refer it to staff for follow-up, or
    • request that it be included on a future meeting agenda, or
    • add the item to the meeting agenda, which requires a two-thirds vote of the trustees present.

Delegates are expected to conduct themselves with courtesy and respect for others.

If you have any questions regarding the delegation process call Stephanie Reidel, Manager of Corporate Services at (519) 570-0003 x4336.