The work of the Indigenous Education Branch is guided by the Calls to Action identified within the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report. We recognize that we are all treaty people and acknowledge both the rights and responsibilities that lie at the heart of the treaties in place in the territory on which WRDSB facilities are located.

The Indigenous Learning Team

The Indigenous Learning Team (ILT) is composed of the Equity and Inclusion Officer with an Indigenous Focus and several teacher consultants. The team is part of the Indigenous Education Branch of the Indigenous, Equity, and Human Rights Department working out of the Education Centre.

About the Indigenous Learning Team

The ILT works to build the capacity of the entire system to support Indigenous students and staff, as well as building system capacity to understand Indigenous histories, current realities, and ways of knowing. This Branch also works to engage Indigenous communities to support the success of Indigenous students. The work of the ILT is part of the ongoing efforts of the WRDSB to recognize and address the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action.

The team’s work is both responsive and proactive. It responds to the needs of the system by answering requests and inquiries from anyone in the system; the team consults, researches, facilitates presentations, and advises staff on Indigenous-related work and topics. The team also works proactively by offering training and workshops for people wanting to be better advocates and to make better curricular connections.

The Role of the Indigenous Learning Team

Here are some of the ways that the Indigenous Learning Team support staff and students of WRDSB:

  • Creating and reviewing policies, guidelines, and administrative procedures
  • Responding to ongoing requests through the Indigenous request form from administrators, educators, and support staff
  • Delivering training and information sessions on Indigenous histories, current realities, and ways of knowing
  • Developing and disseminating resources and tools
  • Supporting curricular implementation of Indigenous expectations
  • Designing and coordinating events, forums, panels, and all-staff communications (e.g., PowWow, Symposiums, after-school networking sessions)
  • Cultivating community partnerships and facilitating community engagement and outreach
  • Engaging in committee work; internal and external committees and working groups
  • Providing consultation via staff meetings, system-wide presentations, steering committees, and coaching

Indigenous School Social Worker

The Indigenous School Social Worker’s role is to provide direct support to Indigenous students and/or families in areas such as, navigating community resources, mental health, and school re-engagement. The Indigenous School Social Worker aims to work in conjunction with the community and will support Indigenous students and families from a wholistic lens that aims to be culturally relevant.

Referral Process for the Indigenous School Social Worker

Speak with the school’s administrator to inquire about making a referral to the Indigenous School Social Worker for elementary or secondary Indigenous student(s) and/or families.