External groups/organizations wishing to distribute information to Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) schools are required to obtain authorization and an approval number for distribution from the Communications Department.

Information will only be distributed electronically. Electronic distribution is an environmentally friendly solution that will greatly reduce each organization’s expenses related to the cost of paper and printing and save volunteer and staff hours counting and sorting materials for distribution.

Criteria for Approval

  • materials must be of educational value and non-commercial in nature (from charitable or not-for-profit groups)
  • promote physical health and/or student well-being
  • material and programs/activities offered must be consistent with the Board’s Strategic Priorities

Approval Process

  • please forward your request, along with an electronic copy (PDF) of the material to be distributed, to distribution@wrdsb.ca
  • all material and website links will be reviewed for content
  • confirmation of approval and an approval number will be provided to those approved for electronic posting
  • a fee of $50 will be charged for this service.  We will request our Finance Dept to invoice for payment.  Credit card payment is preferred.

The fee for electronic distribution is applicable when we distribute information to any of the following: to our corporate website, to all staff, to teachers and/or to students in our schools.

Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for review and response. Due to the volume of requests received, and availability of resources, the WRDSB is not able to guarantee the posting of information related to winter break, March break, statutory holiday or summer vacation activities and camps without sufficient lead time.

The cut-off date for submission of materials for distribution during the school year is June 1. Schools are extremely busy during the month of June and cannot guarantee materials will be shared beyond this date. Thank you for your understanding.

Community-related items (example: local bake sales/clothing drives) do not require system-wide approval. Principals may, at their discretion, agree to circulate/post this material for their individual school communities. Please contact schools directly with these requests.