About the Equity Working Team

The Equity Working Team strives to increase educational equity by working alongside staff to identify ways to bolster strengths and mitigate barriers faced by students and staff. The aim is to foster an anti-oppressive, anti-racist, and inclusive culture at the WRDSB, where all students feel seen, heard, respected, and have all the support and resources they need to flourish.

The Equity Working Team responds to ongoing requests made through the equity request form by administrators, educators, Social Workers, Child & Youth Workers, and other support staff with evidence-informed best practices addressing inequities. These requests, in turn, help to identify the overarching gaps or themes, build and cultivate community partnerships, help inform the development of resources and tools, and drive policies and procedures to keep the system responsive.

The Role of the Equity Working Team

Here are some of the ways that the Equity Working Team supports the staff and students of WRDSB:

  • Creating and reviewing policies, guidelines, and administrative procedures
  • Responding to ongoing requests through the equity request form
  • Delivering culturally responsive pedagogy training, supports and resources
  • Developing and disseminating resources and tools
  • Supporting inter-departmental collaboration by embedding equitable and inclusive practices and advancing the operational deliverables of the WRDSB
  • Designing and coordinating awareness campaigns, events, forums, panels, and all-staff communications
  • Cultivating community connections and facilitating community engagement and outreach
  • Engaging in committee work; internal and external committees and working groups
  • Providing consultation via staff meetings, system-wide presentations, steering committees, and coaching
  • Mitigating risks by building staff awareness and capacity

Who Is the Equity Working Team?

The Equity Working Team is composed of the Equity and Inclusion Officer and two teacher consultants. The team is part of the Equity and Inclusion Branch of the Indigenous, Equity, and Human Rights Department working out of the Education Centre.

Please contact the Equity and Inclusion Officer if you have any questions, feedback or suggestions about equity and inclusion at the WRDSB.