The Human Rights Branch works with objectivity and is independent from other system structures for the purpose of addressing matters specific to the Ontario Human Rights Code, the development and review of Board Policy and related Administrative Procedures, and Human Rights Code-related harassment and discrimination complaints.

The Human Rights and Equity Advisor reports directly to the Director of Education and works in direct collaboration on strategies or projects that are of mutual interest with other departments/branches in furthering a human rights culture.

The Human Rights Branch realizes its responsibility for fostering inclusive and respectful learning and working environments for students, staff, trustees and other Board community members through/by:

  • reviewing the board’s policies and administrative procedures on an ongoing basis to ensure they are compliant with the Human Rights Code;
  • providing human rights education and training to all members of the WRDSB community;
  • confidentially reviewing, addressing, and resolving complaints brought forward in a fair, just and equitable manner; and
  • providing analysis and advice on human rights, including religious accommodation, inclusion strategies, support tools for traditionally marginalized communities and other equity issues.