Under the Age of Majority and Education Acts, adult status means any person who attains 18 years of age. When students turn 18, information about their academic progress, attendance, and access to their records can no longer be provided to their parents/guardians without the student’s written permission. If adult students wish to authorize school staff to continue sharing their information with their parents/guardians, they have the option of completing the Consent for Information Sharing – Adult Students form and returning it to the school office. Adult students also have the right to change these permissions/contacts at any time by submitting a new form with the amended information.

We ask that students discuss this matter with their parents/guardians so they are fully apprised of this change in status. The questions below provide additional information:

About the Age of Majority and Education Acts

Why am I not my child’s contact anymore?

Provincial legislation requires school boards to recognize a student as an adult when they reach the age of 18. This means that the student has responsibility for their own education, attendance, and behaviour issues. If the student wishes, they may opt to permit their parents/guardians to obtain this information.

What gives the School/Board authority to take parents/guardians off the contact list?

We are adhering to Government of Ontario legislation (Education Act, Age of Majority Act and Accountability Act, and Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act).

What if my child wants me to be a contact?

They need to complete the Consent for Information – Adult Students form and submit it to their school’s office.

How do I become a contact if my child does not grant me permission?

This is not an option under the provincial legislation. Please speak to your child about having this option provided to you.

If my 18 y/o child misses an exam/OSSLT/assignment, may I speak to school staff on their behalf?

Unless the adult student has provided permission for their parents/guardians to speak with the school, the school must discuss the items with the adult student.

I am the adult student and have consented for my parents/guardians to communicate with the school, but now I wish to remove them. How do I do this?

As the adult student, you can include or remove parents/guardians at any time. A new form must be completed, signed and dated and submitted to the school office for any changes to apply. We ask that the adult student discuss the removal with the parents/guardian so that they are fully apprised beforehand.