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For individual school contact information, please visit Our Schools information.

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To distribute information to schools, please call (519) 570-0003 x4224.

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Department Contact Information

Communications Department: (519) 570-0003 x4501

Co-operative Education: (519) 570-0003 x4142

Corporate Services: (519) 570-0003 x4223

School Rentals: (519) 570-0003 x4356

Transportation, Boundaries and Busing

For information on where the current boundaries are, busing availability and delays/cancellations:

Before and After (Extended Day) Programs

Continuing Education

Phone: (519) 885-0800

Welcome Centre for Newcomers

Margaret Avenue Public School
325 Louisa Street
Kitchener ON N2H 5N1

Phone: (519) 576-3018
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