How do I Get Email Communications from the Board?

Connect with your Child in our Student Information System

Parents and guardians, you can now add your email address to your child’s contact record within our Student Information System using our secure form.

Students who are eighteen and over, you can add your email address to your own contact record using our secure form.

This email address will be used by the Board, schools and teachers to communicate via email (including commercial information) to you. Your address is attached to your child’s record, regardless of which school your child is attending.

You will require personally-identifying information in order to connect you with your child’s information in our database. The secure form contains all the details.

If you already confirmed your email through our email initiative (CASL) in July 2014, you are already in this database.

Get News from this Website — available on all WRDSB Websites

On all WRDSB websites, you can fill in the Get News from this Website form to get notifications when news is posted to the website. It is available in the footer of all WRDSB websites.

Suggested Websites to Follow

You will need to subscribe to each site individually.


This service is available in some WRDSB schools. School-Day is intended to be a way to pay for school items such as field-trips, required supplies and other commercial activities, but also allows for communication to you from your child’s teacher about these and other items.

For schools using School-Day, you will be provided with information on how to sign up using the Secure-Match key or Electronic Authentication. You will require personally identifying information in order to be connected with your child in our database.

If you do not know how to access School-Day and your school has it, please contact your school for help getting connected.

If you do not know if your school has School-Day, please visit your school’s website and look for the School-Day login in the sidebar, or call your school to ask. You can find your school’s contact information and website in our School List.

Social Media

The Board and its schools communicate through a variety of social media accounts. Each channel is listed on the board or school website.

The Official WRDSB Twitter Account

Subscription through 3rd Party Services (non-WRDSB Teacher Sites)

Teachers may use other websites for communicating with their classes. Most will have the ability to subscribe/unsubscribe to notifications about the class. You will need to confirm with your teacher for any sites used that are not listed here.