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On the bottom of all WRDSB websites, you can add your email address to subscribe to notifications whenever news items are posted to that particular page. If you wish to follow multiple WRDSB pages, you will need to subscribe to each site individually.

Suggested websites to follow:

  • Your school’s website (you can link to your school’s site via the school list)
  • Teacher websites (your child’s teacher may opt to use a WRDSB teacher page)
  • WRDSB’s main website
  • Planning information, such as boundary studies and accommodation reviews
  • Careers for external job postings

School to parent email communication

Parents/guardians who would like to communicate with their child’s teacher by email can provide or update their email address at the school.


Many WRDSB schools have chosen to use School-Day as a communication tool, and as a way to pay for school items such as field-trips, required supplies and other commercial activities.

For schools using School-Day, parents will be provided with personal identification information and instructions on how to sign up using the Secure-Match key or electronic authentication. If you do not know if your school has School-Day, contact the school to ask. You can find your school’s contact information and website in our school list.

Social media

WRDSB maintains active official Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Many schools also maintain Twitter accounts that are listed on the school’s website.

School Calendar

Every school has a Google Calendar to share events, P.D. Days and more with parents and the community. The calendar is located on your school’s website. You can add the calendar by clicking the +Google Calendar icon on the bottom of the calendar.

Subscription through third party services

Teachers may choose to use other websites for communicating with their classes. Most will have the ability to subscribe/unsubscribe to notifications about the class. You will need to confirm with your teacher for any sites used that are not listed on this page.