Our Responsibility

Procurement Services is responsible for the supply of goods, services and construction, utilizing currently accepted approaches and applications to supply management. As well, it is tasked with Vendor Management in order to maximize the fit with Vendors and Board requirements for goods service and construction. Legislative and regulatory requirements provide the robust framework for Procurement Services to operate most effectively.

Our Goal

While supporting the Waterloo Region District School Board’s overall Strategic Plan, Procurement encompasses not only the actual buying, but also collaborates with our internal clients in decision-making focusing on the principles – what, when, where, why and from whom we procure.

This web page provides information about the following:

Below are the applicable procedure and policy about Procurement:

For assistance, please forward your inquiry to procurement@wrdsb.ca.

Bid Opportunities

Competitive Bid Opportunities $10,000 – $100,000 CAD

Bid opportunities $10,000 – $100,000 CAD may be solicited through an “invitational” competitive procurement open to registered vendors.

Competitive Bid Opportunities above $100,000 CAD

Bid opportunities above $100,000 CAD will be solicited through an electronic tender advertising site such as but not limited to www.biddingo.com and Grand Valley Construction Association www.gvca.org with links to the Construction Association of Canada.

To become a registered vendor, see Vendor Registration.

Business Code of Conduct

The Board is committed to the highest levels of personal and corporate ethical standards in the conduct of doing business. A key ingredient in its business dealings is the treatment of all suppliers in a fair and equitable manner.

Vendor Registration

Vendors interested in bidding on current or future Tenders can complete the web-based Vendor Registration application.

When logging into either site below, please make sure you are using a current browser i.e.: Google Chrome, Firefox, or version 6 (or newer) of Internet Explorer.


Instructional Vendor

Once your business is registered, an acknowledgement notice will be sent to the email address in your submission. It is the responsibility of the Registered Vendor to update their information and adhere to expiry dates to stay current.

For assistance or to request a change in commodities or project size, please contact procurement@wrdsb.ca.