Be Involved in Your Child’s Education

Research shows clearly that the home environment, parental interest and involvement in a child’s education have a great influence on student achievement.

Every day parents/guardians, volunteers, teachers and support staff work together to provide the best education possible for all students.

To work together effectively, the relationship between home and school must be strong. This relationship can be strengthened through open, receptive and honest two-way communication.

Digital Communication

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Families of Multilingual Language Learner (MLL) Students

Ongoing communication between home and school is important. Families and caregivers can always reach out to their child’s school if they have questions or concerns, and schools will do their best to provide an interpreter if needed.

Find more information about Communicating with the School | Multilingual Language Learners (MLL) Department.

In-Person and Voice Communication

You can reach your teacher by calling the school and leaving a message in the teacher’s voice mail. This sends a message to their email address and then can respond by calling you, sending home written communications or emailing you, however you indicate you’d prefer.

Addressing Concerns

From time to time there may be a misunderstanding, a lack of communication, or a serious situation that needs attention. When this happens, everyone must work together to resolve the matter. A parent/guardian has the right to express concerns, a teacher has the right to respond and the Board has an obligation to support students, parents/guardians and staff.

This is our process.