Caring/Coping/Connecting is a monthly newsletter created by WRDSB social workers and psychology consultants.

Recognizing the need to share information with all caregivers and families within the WRDSB, social workers and psychology consultants created this newsletter to share information on resources and community supports with our families.

October 2021 – Thriving and Surviving

The October edition of Caring/Coping/Connecting focuses on coping in a challenging time. During a pandemic, the balance of stress is stacked against us, but with the right strategies and supports, we can help restore a sense of balance. Read the October edition of Caring/Coping/Connecting.

June 2021 – Reflecting and Connecting

The June edition of Caring/Coping/Connecting focuses on ways we can try to continue to connect and draw strength from our connections with others. Read the June edition of Caring/Coping/Connecting.

May 2021 – Riding the Waves of Big Emotions

The May edition of Caring/Coping/Connecting focuses on Riding the Waves of Big Emotions. Read the May edition of Caring/Coping/Connecting.

April 2021 – Taming Your Inner Critic

The April edition of Caring/Coping/Connecting focuses on how to tame your inner critic, and focus purposefully on the positive. Read the April edition of Caring/Coping/Connecting.

March 2021 – Caring for Self and Caring for Others

This month focuses on finding your love language, sleep tips for yourself and your children, community events and Lunch & Learn dates and topics for families. Read the March edition of Caring/Coping/Connecting.

January 2021 – Self-Compassion

Videos, resources and links to community services are included and information on a new weekly Lunch & Learn for Caregivers by the psychology department. Read the January edition of Caring/Coping/Connecting.