Information on how to apply for French immersion can be found on our application page: You can apply to the lottery any time between January 10, 2024 (9:00 AM) and January 31, 2024 (11:00 PM) with no effect (positive or negative) on your child’s chance at a spot in the program. Students must be born in 2017 to apply.

All Ontario public school students learn French. Learning an additional language enhances cognitive development, teaches understanding, encourages patience, and fosters open-mindedness.

In the Waterloo Region District School Board, we are proud to offer two pathways for students to learn French or develop their French language proficiency. All students can access French-Language programs through the Core French and French Immersion programs.

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Recent Changes to French Program Delivery

The WRDSB has transitioned to a Grade 2 entry point for French immersion. Now all Grade 1 students learn French through our core French program. The Grade 2 French immersion entry point begins in September 2024. Applications to the Phase 1 French immersion lottery (for students born in 2017) will be accepted between January 10, 2024 and January 31, 2024.

At the secondary level, core French is available to all students, while extended French and French immersion is available to those students who participated in French immersion at the elementary level.

You can apply for French immersion as a WRDSB student, from out-of-board, or as an out-of-boundary student. Come learn French at the WRDSB!

Learn more about the changes on the French Program Review page.

Vision Statement

All students in the WRDSB have equitable access to a sustainable, high-quality French as a Second Language program of choice (Core French, Extended French or French Immersion), including supports that meet their needs. Each program will serve as a bridge between languages and cultures, building students’ confidence and ability to use French effectively in their daily lives.


  • Increase student confidence, proficiency, and achievement in all French as a Second Language programs
  • Increase access to quality core French and French Immersion for equity-seeking groups
  • Increase student, educator, caregiver, and community engagement in French as a Second Language

Guiding Principles

  • French as a Second Language programs are for all students
  • Policies and procedures actively disrupt and discourage streaming in order to reduce harm
  • Pedagogy reflects high standards and current evidence-based practices
  • Special Education and Multilingual Learners’ supports are equitably provided
  • French as a Second Language program options are communicated, informed decisions
  • Sustainable from a budgetary and staffing perspective