In 2016, trustees of Waterloo Region District School Board led the development of a new Strategic Plan with input from a broad range of staff, students, families, caregivers and our many stakeholders. The plan consists of three priorities, each with associated outcomes that guide the work of this board in delivering first-class public education to Waterloo Region.

Our purpose statement is: Innovating tomorrow by educating today.

Strategic priorities


Our students are first – each and every one

  • Our students experience a sense of belonging in a caring learning environment that addresses their well-being.
  • Our students pursue individual learning pathways that reflect their interests, develop skills for the future and inspire global citizenship.
  • Our students succeed in reaching their potential and graduating from WRDSB schools and programs.


Our staff, families and caregivers are partners in every student’s learning journey

  • Our families and caregivers are supported in creating the best possible outcomes for our students.
  • Our staff is equipped with the skills and resources to support every child in their learning journey.
  • Our staff is supported in their wellness as they promote and model wellness for our students.


Our culture of innovation builds students’ confidence and success as they face the future

  • Our learning environments include all students and their diverse perspectives and ideas.
  • Our students, staff and community are supported by creative and collaborative problem-solving.
  • Our school communities are encouraged to learn by exploring new and innovative projects, ideas and approaches.

Operational goals

Using these priorities as the foundation for our work, school board staff have developed goals, outcomes and targets related to three operational priorities.

  1. Mathematics
  2. Pathways to Graduation
  3. Student and Staff Well-Being

The Waterloo Region District School Board is committed to a culture of transparency and accountability. We recognize that achieving the desired outcomes of our Strategic Plan will require much more than developing goals and establishing targets. Our ability to monitor the implementation of our work and make use of evidence and data to inform our decisions and strategies will be central to the effective implementation of our Strategic Plan.

In addition to making consistent use of evidence and data to monitor our work, we will prioritize the wellness of our staff and students. We will work collaboratively to improve our learning and working environments in the best interest of student and staff well-being.


Our strategic priorities and operational goals are accompanied by a series of commitments to which our organization is dedicated.

We, as individuals who serve public education in Waterloo Region, are committed to:

Service by embracing an attitude of care and support. We seek to understand and meet the needs of those we serve.

Integrity by matching our actions to our words. We conduct ourselves in an open and transparent manner that inspires trust.

Respect by honouring all stakeholders. We create an environment where people feel included, valued and treated with dignity.

Innovation in a culture where new ideas are welcomed and considered. We build our capacity to think critically and problem-solve creatively.

Collaboration through reaching out and listening to our stakeholders. We build collaborative relationships to achieve common goals and resolve differences.

Our commitments provide us with a value-based framework that will guide the work of providing Waterloo Region with a first class public education system.