As we look towards the future, we are setting our goals high. We aim to set the WRDSB apart as a leader in public education not only in Canada, but around the world.

Our strategic directions will help to make this possible:

Centring students

All students’ voices are important

We will:

  • Strive to centre students and their voices in decisions about their education
  • Ensure students are heard and have a sense of connection and belonging at school
  • Support students who have been placed on the margins
  • Achieve our Sovereignty commitments by addressing the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action
    • This begins with supporting Indigenous student success

Support for student and staff well-being

Students and staff experience positive well-being as part of a caring and inclusive community

We will:

  • Support students and staff with their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health
    • To do this we will provide them with the resources they need to support
      • Themselves
      • Their peers
      • The community

Equitable opportunities and outcomes

Create opportunities for everyone to succeed

We will:

  • Provide all students with what they need, when they need it to ensure equitable outcomes
  • Create equitable learning experiences and opportunities
    • These support students from all backgrounds to become successful
  • Understand this requires our explicit commitment towards upholding Indigenous Sovereignty

Strengthen connections through family and community engagement

Better relationships with families and community partners

We will:

  • Work with families and the communities we serve to define meaningful engagement
    • Work to ensure our structures support this goal
  • Increase student success by engaging with families to:
    • Build healthier community relationships
    • Create opportunities for partnership
  • Work with families to help students:
    • Reach their potential
    • Become compassionate global citizens

Increase student learning through engagement

Ensure student learning opportunities lead to a meaningful sense of satisfaction and accomplishment

We will:

  • Recognize the importance of joy, creativity and engagement to students
    • These are critical and valuable parts of student learning
  • Engage students by making learning more meaningful and relevant
    • We will achieve this by connecting learning to:
      • Students’ interests
      • Real world issues
      • Real-world skills
  • Provide students with creative learning environments through intentional opportunities.

Collaboration and compassion for transformation

Working together to bring change

We will:

  • Work with students and the school community to plan how to make our schools reflect what matters most to them
  • Listen to different voices to determine how to improve our structures so that through our work we transform and care for:
    • Students
    • Local and global environments,
    • The community