The Board’s eleven-person elected board of trustees is responsible for approving the policies and bylaws governing the Board’s operations. The board of trustees also ensures that the quality of education in Waterloo Region is maintained, and the educational goals and needs of all students are met.

It is the responsibility of trustees to attend Committee of the Whole and Board meetings. Committee of the Whole meetings are held on the second and third working Mondays of each month. Board meetings are held on the last working Monday of each month where the Board ratifies the action taken at Committee of the Whole meetings in previous weeks.

Kids Come First

This five-minute video is narrated by Michael Barrett, President of OPSBA and Chair of the Durham District School Board and Claire Francoeur, Directrice des communications et du marketing, of the Conseil scolaire Viamonde.

We encourage you to check it out to discover the amazing advocacy Ontario’s hundreds of public school trustees are doing each and every day on behalf of our students.

Thank you to OPSBA for making this video available to share. Fore more information about OPSBA and their work, please visit their website.