We are committed to a culture of transparency and accountability. Our business plans and financial documents have been published online in an effort to serve Waterloo region in a transparent manner.

The business documents listed below ensure the long-term stability of the board, and outlines funding and strategies for new initiatives to continue to move the board forward and improve student achievement and well-being.

Our Business Documents

Director’s Annual Report

Each year, the Director’s Annual Report highlights the past year’s achievements. It provides a snapshot of our student and staff achievements. Awards, good news stories and advancements in learning, equity and well-being are highlighted in the Report. We are very proud to share with you our accomplishments and how far we have come to reaching our strategic goals.

View our latest Director’s Annual Report.


Our Strategic Plan

In 2016, our trustees led the development of a new Strategic Plan with input from a broad range of staff, students, families, caregivers and our many stakeholders. The plan consists of three priorities, each with associated outcomes that guide the work of this board in delivering first class public education to Waterloo Region.

  1. Our students are first – each and every one
  2. Our staff, families and caregivers are partners in every student’s learning journey
  3. Our culture of innovation builds students’ confidence and success as they face the future

View the full Strategic Plan.

Accommodation Planning

The role of our Planning Department is to identify and respond to student accommodation needs. Planning provides information on the accommodation, capital (facility) and land use planning functions of the Board.

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About Primary Class Sizes

We are pleased to report that we have achieved our ministry-directed target for all elementary class sizes.

View the complete category break-down of class sizes.