We are committed to a culture of transparency and accountability. Our business plans and financial documents have been published online in an effort to serve Waterloo region in a transparent manner.

The business documents listed below ensure the long-term stability of the board, and outlines funding and strategies for new initiatives to continue to move the board forward and improve student achievement and well-being.

Our Business Documents

WRDSB Annual Report

Each year, the WRDSB Annual Report highlights the past year’s achievements. It provides a snapshot of our student and staff achievements. Awards, good news stories and advancements in learning, equity and well-being are highlighted in the Report. We are very proud to share with you our accomplishments and how far we have come to reaching our strategic goals.

View our latest Annual Report.


Our Strategic Plan

The Waterloo Region District School Board’s (WRDSB) Strategic Plan is our guide as we create schools where all students are able to reach their full potential on their chosen pathway in learning and life.

Our plan defines our vision and mission as a school district. To help us achieve our mission and vision, we are guided by six strategic directions and seven skills and attributes as part of a learner profile. The entire strategic plan was built using what we heard from students, families, community members and staff.

We were guided by the knowledge and experience of the Board of Trustees at every stage in the strategic planning process. During the development of our mission, vision, strategic directions and the learner profile, their input and guidance was critical in ensuring that the voices of their constituents were heard.

As we move forward we are committed to partnering with those we serve to make our schools places where every student can be successful.

View the full Strategic Plan.

Accommodation Planning

The role of our Planning Department is to identify and respond to student accommodation needs. Planning provides information on the accommodation, capital (facility) and land use planning functions of the Board.

Learn more about our:

About Primary Class Sizes

We are pleased to report that we have achieved our ministry-directed target for all elementary class sizes.

View the complete category break-down of class sizes.

Rural and Northern Education Fund (RNEF) Allocation

The Rural and Northern Education Fund (RNEF) allocation is dedicated funding to further improve education for students from rural and northern communities.

Funding is allocated to school boards based on the number of rural students and two factors measuring the density of rural student enrolment in the school board. School boards may use the funding for rural education based on local needs, such as the following:

  • Improving programming and support services in rural schools (e.g. French immersion, arts education and guidance counselling)
  • Continuing the operation of rural schools
  • Enhancing student transportation options, such as late bus runs and mobile online learning through tablets or Wi-Fi

The following schools within the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) were eligible for RNEF funding:

  • Ayr PS
  • Floradale PS
  • Linwood PS
  • Breslau PS
  • Wellesley PS
  • New Dundee PS
  • Conestogo PS
  • St. Jacobs PS
  • Elmira District SS
  • Cedar Creek PS

The funds the Board received were allocated to provide support in the following areas:

Year Description  Amount 
2021-22 Expenditures Outdoor Playground (sandbox) for Floradale Public School  $5,057
2020-21 Expenditures Chromebook deployment for students and staff at Ayr P.S., Breslau P.S., Cedar Creek P.S., Conestogo P.S., Floradale P.S., Linwood P.S., New Dundee P.S., St Jacobs P.S. and Wellesley P.S.  $130,021
2019-20 Expenditures School Supplies and Equipment (Audio Visual) for Ayr Public School $5,690
2018-19 Expenditures
  • Classroom and Office Furniture for Ayr Public School
  • New stage and stairway to improve accessibility for Cedar Creek Public School  
  • $49,509
  • $18,213

Please note that qualifying schools are updated annually by the Ministry of Education.