Preston HS students meet Bryan May at Musicfest Nationals

The Preston High School Senior Band students competed at Musicfest Nationals in Ottawa and played their way to gold! After the event, while still in Ottawa, the band received a special visit from hometown Member of Parliament, Bryan May – he sought out the gold medallists to congratulate them on their big win! Behind the lens is […]

W. T. Townshend PS shines light on student creativity

For one evening, W.T. Townshend Public School turned itself into an art gallery full of student art and musical talents, and welcomed in family and friends of the school community. The colours, sounds and variety of art pieces filled the school creating a rich atmosphere that had visitors inspired. One of the great things about […]

Lincoln Heights PS students share their voice

The WAYVE team at Lincoln Heights Public School put on a spectacular evening of visual art, music and singing performances, and reflection. With the help of the Ontario Ministry of Education‘s Speak Up grant, the school was proud to present VOICES, an opportunity that allowed Lincoln Heights PS students to express their voice through a […]

Trillium PS participates in Music Monday

The halls and classrooms at Trillium Public School were filled with the sounds of music, as the school participated in the nationally celebrated Music Monday, organized by The Coalition for Music Education! From the moment the school day started until the bell rang at 3:20 p.m., students and staff took part in many different music activities, […]

The halls are alive with music at Trillium PS

Each year, Trillium Public School participates in the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony school concert program. This program is a partnership between the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony and local schools, providing students with an opportunity to be exposed to the world of music beyond the school and to hear a real symphony perform. Last year, some Trillium PS students were even […]

Smithson PS takes part in Canadian history

On February 15, 2015, the Canadian Flag will be 50 years old and this anniversary will hold special meaning to staff and students at Smithson Public School. A local group called the “Flag Wavers of Waterloo Region” has launched a campaign to mark the flag’s milestone. The goal of their efforts is to let Canadians know […]

Student dedication brings Tanzanian choir to William G. Davis PS

The staff and students of William G. Davis Public School welcomed The En-Kata Choir from Tanzania, Africa. They performed their ‘Hope of the Maasai’ musical presentation, and shared songs and stories from the heart of their continent. The school’s Global Issues Group (GIG), which is also their Me to We club, has done a monumental amount of work […]

Laurentian PS Receives Music Grant

Laurentian Senior Public School receives $10,000.00 MusiCounts BandAid grant from The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. Students at Laurentian Public School in Kitchener will be playing new instruments this spring after receiving a MusiCounts grant for 2013-14. Each year, schools across Canada are selected to receive grants to help develop existing or new instrumental […]