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Take our Kids to Work Day is November 2

Take Our Kids to Work day is a program designed for Grade 9 students to experience “A day in the life” of a profession or workplace. The goal of the program is to help Grade 9 students to make connections between school and the world of work, as they begin to think about possible career […]

Preston HS students meet Bryan May at Musicfest Nationals

The Preston High School Senior Band students competed at Musicfest Nationals in Ottawa and played their way to gold! After the event, while still in Ottawa, the band received a special visit from hometown Member of Parliament, Bryan May – he sought out the gold medallists to congratulate them on their big win! Behind the lens is […]

Update: Fire at Preston High School

This afternoon at approximately 1:00 pm, a small fire broke out in a stairwell at Preston High School and the fire department responded.

Students and staff were safely evacuated to St. Joseph’s Catholic Elementary School. Both the fire and police departments have deemed the school safe, and have released the building back to the school board.

School will resume at normal time tomorrow.

Thank you to emergency services, students and staff at Preston High School for their quick response.

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26th Annual Senior Christmas Dinner at Preston HS

Preston High School (PHS) celebrated its 26th year of hosting their annual Senior Christmas Dinner! This wonderful evening is a proud tradition at PHS and provides an opportunity for their students to make connections with seniors in the Preston community. More than 160 seniors from Fairview Mennonite Home, Golden Years Nursing Home, Cambridge Country Manor, Riverbend Place, Saint […]

Preston HS students perform Alice in Wonderland

For the first time in 3 years, Preston High School (PHS) put on a main-stage production of Alice in Wonderland! The show ran for three nights and was well attended by students, staff, family, friends, and community supporters. Preston’s own student actors took to the stage, some for the first time, and knocked the performance ‘out the school!’ […]

Take Our Kids to Work™ day is November 4

On the first Wednesday of November every year, The Learning Partnership holds Take Our Kids to Work™ day. More than 250,000 Grade 9 students spend the day in the workplace of a parent, relative, or friend. This event allows students to experience and explore the world of work as they begin to consider possible career paths. The 21st annual […]

WRDSB high schools celebrate Reach As High As You Can Day

“You will never know how high you can reach, how far you can go, how much you can do until you try. ~ Believe in yourself and believe in your dreams. ~ You just might surprise yourself and surpass your original goal. Reach as high as you can!” (National Calendar Day, 2015). April 14 is National […]

Preston PS shares the spirit of the holidays

Preston Public School is getting in the holidays by donating food and materials to the community. They are giving collected items to The Food Back of Waterloo Region and local shelters. The school did an amazing job at bringing items in; the halls are overflowing! Last week, students brought in food for the food bank. Each day was a different food […]

25th Annual Senior Christmas Dinner at Preston HS

Preston High School (PHS) hosted their 25th Annual Senior Christmas Dinner for more than 160 seniors from local Preston retirements homes: Fairview Mennonite Home, Golden Years Nursing Home, Cambridge Country Manor, Riverbend Place, Saint Luke’s Place, and St. Peter’s Place. With the help of 160 students and 30 staff members, guests were served a traditional turkey […]

Explore skilled trades through Co-operative Education

WHAT IS OYAP? The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) is a School to Work program that opens the door for students to explore and experience apprenticeship skilled trade career opportunities, starting in Grade 11 or Grade 12, through the Cooperative Education program. Students can become registered apprentices and work towards becoming certified journey persons in […]

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