The Waterloo Region District School Board is working to provide a seamless offering of school facilities to local community groups through a user friendly online booking process. Renting a school facility is a simple process done in the comfort of your own home!

Create an Account

To book a Waterloo Region District School Board facility, you start by creating an account in our on-line booking system by clicking the Get Started link.


  • Must be at least 19 years of age
  • Must have a valid email address
  • Must have a valid Visa or MasterCard entered in the system to cover permit fees and any rental related costs
  • Must provide a Certificate of Comprehensive Liability Insurance in the amount of $2 million per occurrence (with no aggregate), including tenant’s liability, naming the Waterloo Region District School Board as an additional insured. As an acceptable alternative, a Certificate of Liability Insurance with a minimum $2 million dollar per occurrence with a minimum $4 million dollar aggregate may be accepted.  The insurance shall cover the Board from and against all risks that may arise out of this permit use or activity only.  If a Certificate of Comprehensive Liability Insurance is not provided, appropriate coverage is available through a third party provider at the Permit Holder’s expense.
  • Must complete and return a not for profit status form (if applicable)
  • Must read and agree to the Rules and Regulations.

Choose a Facility

Choose one that will suit your group’s needs. The online reservation system provides access to many school spaces across the Waterloo Region such as gymnasiums, auditoriums and cafeterias.


In order to rent a school facility using the online booking system, new users will need to create an account as listed above. Existing users can simply log in. The Rentals Department requires a minimum of 10 business days to process a permit. Once logged in, simply click on the ‘Create New Permit’ button at the top of the screen and complete the on-line request form. Don’t forget to click the ‘Submit’ button on the last page of the form.

Submit Your Permit

Once you have completed the on-line permit request, the Rentals Department will receive your request and it remains in pending status until the review process is complete.

The Rentals Department requires a minimum of 10 business days to process a permit.  Permits received with less than 10 business days could risk having some dates cancelled.

Once reviewed, you will be notified if the Rentals Department requires further information or to inform you of any payment and/or insurance required.

Payment and insurance must be received 5 business days prior to the first booking date on the permit.

The Non-Refundable permit fee of $39.55 ($35 + HST) applies to a permit once it’s been placed on Hold and Approved.

Please ensure that you include the names and phone numbers of at least two Event Supervisors who will be responsible for the safety and supervision of the group.  One of the Event Supervisors must be in attendance for the duration of the event and must not leave the facility until all members of their group have left.

During permit processing, you may notice your permit status change:

  • New/Pending – Permit has been submitted for processing
  • On Hold – We are waiting for additional information or approvals
  • Hold and Approved – We are waiting for insurance and/or payment
  • Approved – Permit has been processed and released to user


Once the Rentals Department has reviewed your permit request and it has been approved, a permit will be issued electronically. When you receive your permit please review your dates carefully. Groups will need to print a copy of their permit and have this on hand when attending the school, no electronic versions of the permit will be accepted. If you receive a revised permit throughout the school year, you must bring in the most recent hardcopy of the permit when attending the school.