At the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) we’re transforming education in partnership with those we serve. Student academic achievement and well-being represent the core of our work. We are committed to making our schools places where every student can be successful. However, we know we can’t do this alone.

We spent extensive time consulting with families, students, staff and community through the multi-year strategic planning process which led to the creation of six clear strategic directions for our work. These directions were created using what we heard from you: the students, parents, caregivers, families and communities of the WRDSB.

Transparency and Accountability Through Engagement

In support of these goals, we have developed plans to:

  • Increase transparency
  • Centre student voice
  • Engage meaningfully with families and community

These plans were developed in response to feedback from students, parents and caregivers. You voiced a need for improved communication, engagement and transparency.

jeewan chanicka, director of education, sits on the floor of his office, surrounded by paper copies of student feedback. He is reading one in his hand.

The research in student achievement and well-being is clear; for students to succeed we need meaningful engagement of students, staff, families and community members. These partnerships play a key role in allowing students to rise to their full potential. Our plans are part of a comprehensive approach to transforming public education.

Your Voice Will Help Transform Education

The goal of improving student achievement and well-being is a shared one. We are committed to meaningful engagement that is open, accessible, inclusive and responsive. We know that decisions are improved by working with students, families and community members.

Waterloo Region District School Board Engagement Charter

These new engagement plans reinforce our commitment to transparency, accountability and keeping families informed, as directed by the Education Act. To support this, the WRDSB has developed a charter to outline our commitments to students, families and community members.

As part of the current Strategic Plan, we committed to reporting back to those we serve about the long-term activities that support our Strategic Directions.

We commit to communicating in clear and accessible language with students and families about the work we are doing to meet the directions of the Multi-Year Strategic Plan.

We commit to engaging students, families and community members through various forms of consultation.

We commit to clearly stating the level of engagement, whether it is to inform, consult or collaborate. Regardless of type of engagement, the WRDSB will share information in a timely manner in advance of decision-making, when possible. We will establish patterns for communicating about long-term projects or issues and will prioritise engaging with those most impacted.

Our purpose is to fulfill our mandate from the Ministry of Education to improve student achievement and well-being. This is what underpins the WRDSB’s strategic and operational goals. WRDSB is also guided by our commitment to improving outcomes for all students, especially those who come from historically marginalized backgrounds.

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