The ‘force’ of generosity was strong at Millen Woods PS

It all started with a simple interest and a big mind for experimenting when three Grade 5 students from Millen Woods Public School began looking into the world of baking and recipes! Caitlin, Lauren and Claire tested their own skills by baking a few recipes which they then shared the results with their classmates to collect […]

Preston HS students perform Alice in Wonderland

For the first time in 3 years, Preston High School (PHS) put on a main-stage production of Alice in Wonderland! The show ran for three nights and was well attended by students, staff, family, friends, and community supporters. Preston’s own student actors took to the stage, some for the first time, and knocked the performance ‘out the school!’ […]

Glencairn PS students organize Spark-a-thon

Mr. Bishop’s Grade 6 class and Mr. Hutton’s Grade 5/6 class planned and ran Glencairn Public School‘s first Spark-a-thon for the year, and boy was it ‘Spark’tacular! During the middle block of the school day, students and staff enjoyed the sunny day as everyone came together and played. There was tug-o-war, sack and three-legged races, Lego building, parachute […]

Kindergarten classes hold open house at Centennial Cambridge PS

Kindergarten isn’t just about play time – it’s about making friends, learning new things, and gaining independence. At Centennial Cambridge Public School, three Kindergarten classes hosted an open house and their students had the opportunity to invite their ‘big people’ to join them for an afternoon of kindergarten. It was a great way for the […]

Williamsburg PS surpasses $10,000 Me to We goal

For the past two years, Williamsburg Public School has run numerous fundraising initiatives to raise money for Me to We, Free the Children‘s charity partner. With the ongoing support of the school’s Me to We club, their latest fundraising venture was a phenomenal success. The students organized a bake sale and raised $3,500! This helped […]

Margaret Avenue Senior PS raises $6,000 for charity

Many weeks ago, two Grade 8 students from Margaret Avenue Senior Public School, Sarah Elop and Melody Riad, approached staff, wanting to volunteer to put on a school talent show. At the same time, two more Grade 8 students, Natalia Emmerson and Evelyn Ysselstein, came forward wanting to support two of the school’s staff members […]