The Role of the System Navigator – Anti-Black Racism Focus

The System Navigator role with a focus on Anti-Black Racism strives to bridge the gap between African, Carribean and Black identifying (ACBi) communities, students, families and the school system in order to prevent and address issues of Anti-Black racism within the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB).

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Seeking community input into the needs of Black students and working with the WRDSB to address the concerns
  • Assisting ACBi families and caregivers in navigating the school system by acting as an advocate and guide, especially during processes like disciplinary hearings
  • Responding to the community’s requests for support for ACBi students
  • Advising school staff on ways to better engage with caregivers
  • Assessing and making recommendations for school staff on how best to support ACBi students
  • Supporting WRDSB schools in starting ACBi student groups to help foster a sense of community
  • Fostering peer support opportunities for ACBi students
  • Working alongside the Equity & Inclusion Team to provide anti-Black racism resources to teachers to enhance the learning experience for all

African, Caribbean and Black identifying students and families who wish to access the System Navigator Anti-Black Racism support should complete the System Navigator Request Form.