The System Navigators currently support Muslim and African, Caribbean and Black identifying (ACBi) students and their families to address issues of racism, discrimination, and harassment in the school system.

The System Navigators focus on the following areas:

  • Assist families and caregivers in navigating the school system by acting as an advocate and guide with regard to system processes and procedures
  • Act as a support and advisor to administrators and staff in building and developing their relationship/learning partnership with families in culturally affirming ways
  • Assess concerns and make recommendations to school staff on how to best support Muslim and ACBi students
  • Seek community input regarding the needs of Muslim and African, Caribbean, and Black-identifying (ACBi) students
  • Educate community members regarding WRDSB policies and procedures
  • Respond to the community’s requests to support Muslim and ACBi students
  • Use school board policies as a guide to advocate on behalf of equity-seeking students
  • Educate school staff on ways to better engage with the communities they serve
  • Collaborate with various departments to provide learning opportunities and educational resources to school staff to enhance the learning experience for all students.

Accessing Support from System Navigators

Muslim & ACBi students, families and community who wish to access System Navigator support should complete the appropriate System Navigator Request Form listed below: