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Provide your feedback on the Ministry’s well-being strategy

Our Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) invites parents/caregivers to participate in an opportunity to provide feedback directly to the Ministry of Education on a very important topic – student well-being. Student well-being is one of four connected goals in the province’s renewed vision for education – Achieving Excellence. Students with a sense of well-being thrive and […]

Ministry of Education announces $23 million in capital funding

This afternoon, at Ryerson Public School in Cambridge, the Ministry of Education announced $23 million dollars in capital funding for the Waterloo Region District School Board. The announcement, part of a $12 billion dollar investment from the province over 10 years, is to help build new schools in areas of high growth and to improve the […]

Ministry of Education Announces Funding for Two Capital Projects

On Friday, October 30, Minister of Education Liz Sandals stopped in Waterloo Region to make a $40 million funding announcement. The announcement, which included funds for both the Waterloo Region District School Board, and the Waterloo Catholic District School Board, is part of an $11 billion investment from the province over 10 years, to help improve the […]

Rockway PS teachers, principal set up camp for $20,000

On Thursday, April 30 from 6:00 p.m., to Friday, May 1 at 7:00 a.m., Rockway Public School is sending 16 of their teachers and their principal outside to sleep under the stars, rain or shine. Each staff member will pitch a tent in their current playground and sleep outside. For each $1,000 raised, the school will take […]