John Darling PS fundraises for Heart & Stroke Foundation

Promoting children’s health and funding vital heart and stroke research is an important cause to support, which is why John Darling Public School ran its 2016 Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation. To help kick-off the fundraising campaign, the Student Demo Skipping Team wowed students and staff with […]

Hillcrest PS skips for Heart & Stroke Foundation

Hillcrest Public School is a small school with big hearts! This year, Hillcrest PS celebrated its 10th anniversary participating in the Heart and Stroke Foundation‘s Jump Rope for Heart, and the support couldn’t have been greater! Before the long weekend, 325 staff and students took part in a variety of skipping and other physical activities, which promoted […]

WRDSB raises $4 million for Heart and Stroke Foundation

For more than 30 years, our schools have been devoted to promoting heart health and social responsibility through many fundraising events for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. By raising money and making each event educational and fun for everyone involved, we have been able to create even more survivors. The commitment from our Board is unbelievable! Our schools have participated through various events such […]

Have a safe & amazing summer, WRDSB!

We cannot believe it is the last day of school for our students – time sure does fly by when you’re having fun! Looking back on the past school year, our staff, students, parents, volunteers, and so many others have made a huge impact, both locally and globally. We’ve turned our inspired learners, into tomorrow’s […]

Lexington PS raises more than $9,000 for Jump Rope for Heart

Once again, Lexington Public School has successfully participated in the Heart and Stroke Foundation‘s Jump Rope for Heart event. In the past decade, their school community has raised close to $80,000 to support programs and research around heart and stroke-related diseases. In addition to the skipping activity, the students at Lexington PS decorated classroom doors with […]

Central PS exceeds Jump Rope for Heart fundraising goal

Despite the weather, Central Public School went on to host their annual Heart and Stroke Foundation‘s Jump Rope for Heart event. Instead of skipping outside, they held the event in the gym during physical education classes. Central PS students participated in friendly competitions such as the fastest skipper, the longest skipper, and relay skipping. The […]

Wellesley PS participates in Jump Rope for Heart

The results are in and the students at Wellesley Public School raised more than $7,000 this year in their Heart and Stroke Foundation‘s Jump Rope for Heart and Hoops for Heart fundraiser. What an amazing sight to see as the entire Wellesley PS staff, their 750 students, and parents took to the school tarmac to skip […]

A.R. Kaufman PS generously supports local, global causes

A.R. Kaufman Public School is a school that flourishes because of its caring and hard-working students and staff. Throughout the school year, students have gone above and beyond in demonstrating the 4 Keys of Kaufman: respect, honesty, responsibility, and caring. During many different initiatives, they have shown dedication and determination by fundraising for both local and […]

J.W. Gerth PS jumps high for Heart & Stroke Foundation

The staff, students and school community of J.W. Gerth Public School took to the pavement for the Heart and Stroke Foundation‘s Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser. With the sun shining, students ran outside, took their positions and skipped for more than an hour. Parents and teachers got in on the fun, and Trustee Waddell made […]