A.R. Kaufman Public School is a school that flourishes because of its caring and hard-working students and staff. Throughout the school year, students have gone above and beyond in demonstrating the 4 Keys of Kaufman: respect, honesty, responsibility, and caring. During many different initiatives, they have shown dedication and determination by fundraising for both local and global causes.

For many years, A.R. Kaufman PS has supported a sponsor child from Nigeria. Through candy gram and popsicle sales hosted by the kindergarten classes and teachers, the school has raised over $200 to date, to support the sponsor child’s education.

Students in Mrs. McPhee’s Grade 4/5 class read about the earthquake in Nepal where more than 7,000 people died – they wanted to help. They immediately organized an in-class bake sale, and within three days, $252 was raised and donated to the Canadian Red Cross.

The giving keeps on going!

Their Me to We club has also met every week for the entire year to organize and run school-fundraisers for causes that were important to them. By selling Rafiki bracelets, making their own Rafiki pins, and collecting items for a huge garage sale, the club was able to donate $300. That is six goats to families in a developing community through Free the Children. Additionally, the students raised another $340, which was donated to Education 4 Change, a non-profit volunteer organization that provides educational programming and training in Ethiopia.

In May, the school organized a fun-filled day of skipping and playing basketball outside to raise money for the Heart & Stroke Foundation. The Kaufman Thunderbirds exceeded their goal of raising $3,000 and raised over $5,000!

Additionally, the school held food drives for The Food Bank of Waterloo Region, and spaghetti lunches for Nutrition for Learning.

A.R. Kaufman PS students and staff really exemplify what it means to be compassionate, empathic, and selfless. The families of the school community come together all year to provide support for those in their own community. By embodying the 4 Keys of Kaufman, the Thunderbirds empower and inspire others to make a lasting difference.


Students outside participating in Jump Rope for Heart!

Students outside participating in Jump Rope for Heart!