John Darling PS fundraises for Heart & Stroke Foundation

Promoting children’s health and funding vital heart and stroke research is an important cause to support, which is why John Darling Public School ran its 2016 Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation. To help kick-off the fundraising campaign, the Student Demo Skipping Team wowed students and staff with an amazing performance.

It was all fun and sun on the day of the Jump Rope for Heart event as 265 students, of all grades and skipping abilities, took part. After final calculation of the online and cash donations, the John Darling PS community raised an amazing $5245.75 from student pledges!

In addition to gracious donations sent in by the John Darling PS community, the students in Mrs. Pollock’s Grade 5 class had a project of their own. As they were studying the human body, the class decided to create Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to help teach others about how to build strong bones. The class submitted their favourite announcement online to the Power4Bones website for their student competition. A few weeks later, Mrs. Pollock’s class found out they were one of eight winners! The prize was a $500 donation to a foundation of their choice, and they chose to donate the prize to their school’s Jump Rope for Heart campaign – congratulations!

With the $500 donation from Mrs. Pollock’s class, we are pleased to announce that John Darling PS has donated a grand total of $5745.75 to the Heart and Stroke Foundation!

We are so appreciative that our school communities come together and help support the greater good of the community. It is with that caring and giving attitude that helps make our world a better place!

Way to go, Dragons!


Congratulations to Mrs. Pollock's class!

Congratulations to Mrs. Pollock’s class!