Students across the Waterloo Region District School Board are provided with rich, comparable educational experiences at each of our secondary schools. Differences in the offerings at schools across the Region, reflect localized traditions, interests and expertise. Each of our students has access to a comparable range of course types (i.e. Workplace, College, Open, University, etc.), quality staff, facilities and services to meet our students individual needs. For more information about the types of courses offered and the course selection procedure, please visit the Course Selection page.

Specialized Programs

In addition to regular program offerings, a range of specialized programs and courses are available to support all of our students in developing their potential, pursuing their aspirations and being participating community members.

The programs and courses listed below are only a sampling of the ongoing, evolving and emerging opportunities available for students.

These opportunities provide many different ways to address a wide variety of student needs, learning styles and interests. Other programs and courses may be described by the individual secondary school.