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The Making of Maddie’s Wish

Maddie Umbach is a quiet, but self-assured, girl in Grade 3 at Westvale Public School. Her teacher, Mrs. Quinton, describes her as “a role model to us all.” This is because Maddie is living with juvenile arthritis. Mrs. Quinton explained that although Maddie deals with pain on a daily basis, she doesn’t complain and is […]

Westvale PS play celebrates 20 years

Twenty-two talented Grade six students from Westvale Public School are performing an interactive play called “Life in the Old School House,” during the Wonders of Winter Festival in Waterloo Park. The play takes place in the 1820s school house and reflects the education system and teaching style during that time period. The school house, now located in Waterloo […]

Gym Locations

For school addresses and telephone numbers please see our school listing. (*) Movable wall to Multi-Purpose Room (+) No change rooms Single Gyms and General Purpose rooms may not be suitable for adult sports. Please call the school custodian to arrange to view the gym space to ensure it is adequate for your activity. Kitchener Locations […]