Congratulations Lori and Thea of Westvale PS

Lori and Thea at Westvale Public School

Lori and Thea stocking a snack bin at Westvale PS

We want to congratulate Westvale Public School’s Lori Hodgson, an Educational Assistant, and Thea Ross, a Grade 6 student, for being recognized as leaders in our community.

The Leading Women/Leading Girls Building Communities Recognition program celebrates women and girls whose volunteer work has improved the lives of others in their community. On Friday, April 13, Lori and Thea attended a luncheon hosted by MPP Catherine Fife to receive this honour.

Lori and Thea run the Nutrition for Learning snack bin program at Westvale Public School. They work together to ensure that 300+ students have access to healthy snacks every school day. Thea comes in early each morning to restock the snack bins in the classrooms so that students have nutritious food available to them.

“We do what we do everyday because there is a need, not for recognition” said Lori Hodgson. However, she notes that it is nice to know that the work they are doing is appreciated and making a difference.

Nutrition for Learning programs contribute greatly to student success because a student cannot learn if they are hungry. Ensuring students have proper nutrition is a fundamental step to help children learn and reach their potential.

Thank you Lori and Thea for your dedication and support of student nutrition. We are thrilled that your accomplishments are being recognized in our community.