Rocks & Rings program comes to Blair Road PS

The Canadian Curling Association brought their Rocks & Rings program to Blair Road Public School, and their students had a blast! When asked, many of them had seen the sport on TV during the Winter Olympics, but only a few had actually stepped foot into a curling rink and tried the sport.

That’s where this program comes in! Rocks & Rings was created to help close that gap by introducing the sport in an educational format, and where students can feel comfortable to learn and have fun among classmates.

During their gym periods, the Blair Road PS Bandits learned about the history of curling, how it’s played, and what equipment is used. Once students completed the program, they received a Canadian Curling Association Rocks & Rings Graduation Certificate!

Keep ‘sweeping’, Bandits!


Listening to the Rocks & Rings program instructor.

Listening to the Rocks & Rings program instructor.


Learning how to 'sweep'.

Learning how to ‘sweep’.


I think red won!!

I think red won!?!