In 2020, the WRDSB established the Human Rights Branch to create a Human Rights Policy and Procedure.

This provides a new pathway for students, parents, caregivers and community members to raise concerns arising from experiences of discrimination and/or harassment based on the Ontario Human Rights Code (OHRC) protected grounds. As a result, we expect to see an increase in complaints that come forward through this newly established process.

We view complaints received through this mechanism as an opportunity for:

  • Learning
  • Improvement
  • Responsibility-taking
  • Healing

We are committed to supporting the development of a human rights culture at the WRDSB in collaboration with:

  • Staff
  • Students
  • Parents and caregivers
  • Community members

The WRDSB Human Rights Policy describes how we all play a role in creating schools that are:

  • Welcoming
  • Inclusive
  • Caring
  • Safe for everyone

What Are My Human Rights?

You have the right to be free from harassment and/or discrimination based on the following:

  • Age
  • Ancestry, colour, race
  • Citizenship
  • Ethnic origin
  • Place of origin
  • Creed
  • Disability
  • Family status
  • Marital status (including single status)
  • Gender identity, gender expression
  • Sex (including pregnancy and breastfeeding)
  • Sexual orientation

How the Human Rights Branch Can Help You

If you or a student in your care are experiencing harassment and/or discrimination based on a human rights protected identity (listed above) the WRDSB can support you. It is not okay to be harmed in this way. We will work with you and others to help resolve the situation.

The WRDSB has a procedure that guides staff on how to address situations where school community members feel like their human rights are not being respected.

How are my concerns addressed?

The Human Rights Branch is available at any point if you have questions or if you have problems getting help.

Process for addressing human rights concerns

  1. Reported to a trusted adult
    • Not resolved? Proceed to the next step
  2. Report to the principal at the school
    • Not resolved? Proceed to the next step
  3. Report to the superintendent
    • Not resolved? Proceed to the next step
  4. Report to the Human Rights Branch
    • Not resolved? Proceed to the next step
  5. Report to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

I Have Questions About the Human Rights Policy

The WRDSB has a procedure that describes how to have your human rights concern addressed. You can ask the Human Rights Branch any questions about this procedure.

The Human Rights Branch can:

  • Help you understand the Human Rights policy;
  • Answer any questions you might have about sharing your concern;
  • Describe other policies and procedures that can be used to address your concern;
  • Commit to a process that is fair;
  • Talk about all the ways your concerns can be addressed;
  • Investigate complaints;
  • Let you know about supports available at the WRDSB or in the community.

How can I speak with the Human Rights Branch?