As the WRDSB engages in the ongoing work of being an equitable and inclusive institution, including the promotion of human rights, it is to be expected that members of the community may look to the Human Rights Policy for support if/when they experience or recognize they have been negatively impacted by discrimination or harassment on Ontario Human Rights Code protected grounds. The HRB is in the process of creating administrative procedures to respond to Code Based Human Rights Complaints for Staff and non Staff.

The Human Rights Branch maintains an impartial approach when addressing a human rights complaint. Our team strives to explore the differing perspectives and understand all sides of a complaint. Please note that any complainant who seeks resolution of a complaint must be prepared to be identified to the respondent.

Complaint Referral

The process for filing a human rights complaint with the Human Rights Branch (HRB) is through a referral. However, those looking to contact the HRB without a referral can use the online Human Rights Incident Reporting Form. Following submission of an online reporting form, in most cases, the complainant will be offered a confidential consultation within five business days, via phone or in person, in order to determine next steps.

Upon receiving a complaint, the HRB will:

  • Listen to the concerns of members of the WRDSB (including students, parent/caregivers, volunteers and other members named in the policy) seeking information regarding human rights matters;
  • Provide information about the Human Rights Policy or other relevant WRDSB policies and procedures;
  • Provide information on the possible processes for resolving a complaint;
  • If necessary, make a referral to support services;
  • Facilitate informal resolution processes when parties voluntarily agree to participate; and
  • Lead formal resolution processes (investigations), which may involve designating a third party investigator.

Please note that human rights concerns can be addressed and resolved at all levels within the Board.​

Helpful resources

All communications with the Human Rights Branch are confidential – WRDSB members are able to seek information from the HRB without initiating a complaint process; however there are circumstances when the HRB will have a duty to respond to information disclosed in a confidential meeting.

The Human Rights Branch is intended to be a safe, neutral and confidential space for all members of the Board community to bring forward Code-based concerns related to discrimination and harassment.

The Human Rights Branch will strive to protect, to the greatest extent possible, the confidentiality of persons reporting discrimination and harassment and of those accused of such conduct. We welcome any concerns or questions regarding privacy and/or confidentiality.​

Please be advised that, in order to respect the confidentiality of those involved in a Human Rights complaint process we are not able to accept walk-in appointments.All in-personal appointments must be arranged in advance via telephone or email.

Contacting the Human Rights Branch


Human Rights Branch office hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.