The Human Rights Incident Reporting Form is available to any members of the Board community to report a complaint, issue, or matter of discrimination or harassment that is believed to go against the Board’s Human Rights Policy. Submitting an Incident Reporting Form does not start a complaint resolution process – it notifies the Human Rights Branch of the incident and a member of the HRB team will follow-up within five business days to explore appropriate next steps.

The Human Rights Branch cannot accept anonymous complaints.

The Human Rights Branch considers all personal information, including reasons for reaching out to our office, to be confidential at all times.​​ The information submitted in the Human Rights Incident Reporting Form will be received and retained by the Human Rights Branch confidentially and will not be shared with any other department or unit within WRDSB.*​

*​​If disclosure of information is necessary to respond to a request, we will work closely with the discloser(s) to determine the most productive way to share information. In exceptional circumstances, where required by law or where there is risk of significant harm to anyone’s health or safety, we may refer the matter to appropriate parties within the Board and/or notify third parties, such as the police or child protection authorities.