Transportation is provided for:

**The following information is effective as of September 2010 **

For students living in urban municipalities and established settlement areas, transportation may be provided to students living beyond the established distance guidelines.

In each case, the application of distance guidelines is subject to reasonable flexibility, up to 200 metres, as determined by Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region.

Distance to school: students living beyond the following distance guidelines may be provided with transportation.

Grade      Distance to School
Junior and Senior Kindergarten 0.8 km
Grades 1-8 1.6 km
Grades 9-12 3.2 km


Distances to Bus Stops: Students receiving transportation may be required to walk the following distance to their bus stop.

Grade      Distance to Stop
Junior and Senior Kindergarten 0.5 km
Grades 1-8 1.0 km
Grades 9-12 1.6 km


To check the distance from your residence to a school property click here.