Student Responsibilities

Students are required to:

  • Attend pre-placement training
  • Provide own transportation to/from work placement
  • Attend pre-arranged integration sessions with the teacher (school calendar of dates will be supplied to each student)
  • Comply with all company rules (dress, safety codes, work schedule, policies, etc.)
  • Work in a honest, courteous, responsible, and business-like manner and show appropriate initiative
  • Observe and comply with the rules and regulations of the placement and the school, including confidentiality requirements
  • Comply with school attendance policies in both the work placement and classroom sessions
  • Submit assignments as required
  • Inform the work placement supervisor and the Co-operative Education teacher in advance if they are unable to report to their work placements
  • Participate with their supervisors and teachers in the assessment of their own performances
  • Work with teachers and supervisors to ensure that problems are dealt with immediately
  • Adhere to company health and safety regulations
  • Demonstrate a sense of maturity and good judgment
  • Report any accidents and injuries to the employer and the teacher immediately