Today, we celebrate the skills, commitment and dedication of our support staff in delivering services that contribute to our students’ success and achievements.

May 8th marks Support Staff Appreciation Day. We are thankful for our support staff for the important roles they play every day in our schools and for all the work they do inspiring confidence in our students and helping prepare them for the world of tomorrow.

Our entire system, across our elementary schools, secondary schools, and the Education Centre, relies on a diverse, highly-skilled education team. Our support staff play a key role in ensuring our students have a safe, clean and welcoming environment for learning every day.

To our secretaries, technicians, educational assistants, instructors, psychologists, speech-language pathologists, social workers, child and youth workers, support personnel, attendance counsellors, early childhood educators, library staff and other education workers, we say thank you.

We ask our community to join us in celebrating Support Staff Appreciation Day, and to acknowledge the crucial roles educational support staff play in ensuring that our students succeed – each and every one.