The Kindness Project at Empire PS

Kindness Crusaders

Abdelrahman is an Empire Public School student who wants to share kindness with the whole school. A couple of months ago, Abdelrahman and his teacher had a conversation about kindness where he wished that everyone was a little bit kinder towards one another. From this conversation, they came up with the idea to create Kindness Booklets. Every morning, students in the Grade 2/3 class begin their day by writing a compliment to one another.

The project was so successful in their classroom that they wanted to spread kindness a little further. The students call themselves the Kindness Crusaders and began spreading their idea. Each class at Empire PS heard about the Kindness Project from the caped Kindness Crusaders. They read samples from their Kindness Booklets, offered advice on how to get started and answered questions from their fellow students. They left classroom teachers with Kindness Starter Kits that included posters and a sample of the Kindness Booklets that could be copied for each student.

The Grade 2/3 class is proud to say that their Kindness Project is spreading. In addition, students have secretly left Kindness bookmarks in some of the books in the library. When students find the bookmarks, they can keep them and hopefully it will put a smile on their face. There’s no stopping the Kindness Crusaders. They plan to keep spreading kindness around the school however they can!

Watch the full story – the Kindness Crusaders made a video to explain the Kindness Project: