Forest Hill PS retires special Spirit Day jerseys

At Forest Hill Public School, students and staff have enjoyed some pretty amazing Spirit Days.

In Room 1, their Sport Jersey Spirit Day has always had a special twist. Every year, the class’ Grade 1 teacher, Mrs. Lord, brings in about 10 jerseys she has at home for some of her students who either forgot or just don’t have a jersey to wear. But what makes this event special, is the jerseys she brings into class are ones her three sons wore when they were about the age of her students. And so every year on Spirit Day, some of her students gets to experience a “Christmas morning” like feeling as they enter the classroom to find their own jersey, draped on their desk, to wear for the day! Yes, those students wear their sports’ jerseys with extra pride for the day as it boasts the name of their very own special teacher.

This year’s Sport Jersey Spirit Day for Room 1 students was even more incredible, as this is Mrs. Lord’s last year teaching; she will retire at the end of June. Which means, her jerseys needed to be retired as well! So at the end of the Spirit Day, the students who were wearing the jerseys she brought in were told to keep wearing them as they went home – with the blessing of each of Mrs. Lord’s now adult sons.

For the students in Mrs. Lord’s class, the jerseys are more than gifts. They are a gesture of kindness from a teacher who made every effort to make each member of her class feel included.

What a wonderful way to celebrate the Spirit Day at Forest Hill PS, and an amazing tradition for Mrs. Lord class and the entire school!


Mrs. Lord with all the jerseys she’ll retire and give to her students!