On December 8, 2014 the Planning and Strategic Initiatives Committee (PSIC) of the City of Kitchener, will be meeting to receive a City Staff Report on the Waterloo Region District School Board’s Zone Change Application to permit the construction of the new Chicopee Hills Public School at Lackner Blvd. and Fairway Rd.


City Planning Staff will present their analysis of the School Board’s Zone Change submission for consideration by Council. The public may provide input to Council regarding the application. It is expected that Council will make their final decision in the new year.


If the Zone Change is approved the School Board will be constructing a new elementary school on the site. If the zone change is not approved, the School Board will need to look at alternatives to accommodate students in the community. These alternatives may include: changes to school boundaries, additions to existing schools and busing students to another school outside the community.

HAVE YOUR SAY:                                                                                               

You can provide your input to City Council by appearing as a delegation at the December 8, 2014, PSIC meeting.  See Register as a Delegation on the City of Kitchener website for more information.