On February 15, 2015, the Canadian Flag will be 50 years old and this anniversary will hold special meaning to staff and students at Smithson Public School.

A local group called the “Flag Wavers of Waterloo Region” has launched a campaign to mark the flag’s milestone. The goal of their efforts is to let Canadians know the importance of our flag and the story behind it. And who better to ask than local singer, song writer, and teacher who has about 30 years composing experience.

Steve Bergen, a Smithson teacher, was asked to write and perform a song to celebrate the 50th anniversary. He has written and produced music for World Vision’s 30-hour Famine commercials and choral music for the Kodaly Festival.

The song titled, ‘Canadian Flag Waver!’ features Bergen singing with Smithson’s 29-member student choir, which he is also the choir director for. The 2 minute recording of the children’s voices was completed in the school’s library back in October.

CDs of the recording, now in the final stages of production, will be available in a few months. A half-hour DVD, which will include the entire Smithson school singing, is also being made with some of the footage being provided by Smithson’s staff.

The three members of the “Flag Wavers” group, spoke to the Smithson students the day of the video recording and joined the whole school in singing the song.

The song and video will be unveiled at the project launch at Queen’s Park on February 18, 2015 which the group hopes includes Waterloo region supporters, local and national media, sponsors, local school students and MPPs, and government staff.

To read the full story, visit the Kitchener Citizen.


Students celebrating our Canadian Flag!

Students celebrating our Canadian Flag!


Wave those flags high!

Wave those flags high!


Left to right: Sharon Scott, one of Smithson's choir leader, Diane Bonafonte, a member of the 'Flag Wavers of Waterloo Region', and Steve Bergen, composer and Smithson teacher.

Left to right: Sharon Scott, assistant choir director, Diane Bonafonte, a member of the ‘Flag Wavers of Waterloo Region’, and Steve Bergen, composer, Smithson teacher and choir director.