Dr. Jean Clinton and parenting author Ann Douglas have teamed up to create a video series for parents called “We Got This” to provide parents support during the COVID-19 crisis. View the latest videos from the We Got This series on Dr. Jean Clinton’s YouTube channel.

Talking With Your Kids About the Pandemic (Episode 1)

Talking to younger children about this pandemic will look and sound a little different than talking to your teenager about the pandemic. It is important to take into account the stage of development they are at. This is a stressful and emotional time for all of us, we can help our young people figure out what they need during these trying times, but not without looking after ourselves first.

Managing Fear (Episode 2)

Our fear dictates how we feel and how we act. Fear hijacks the emotional part of the brain, and when that happens, thinking and planning go out the window! One of the most important things we can do, is recognize the sensation of fear. What does fear look and feel like to you and your body? Being mindful of your feelings and practicing self-care when fear sets in is crucial to dealing with our anxiety and fear.

Feeling Overwhelmed about Home Schooling (Episode 3)

Parents are feeling a lot of pressure about the educational demands and what is expected of them during this time. Important life learning will happen naturally in these kinds of environment, without focusing on the curriculum. Parents should think of themselves as Supporters of Learning at Home. Reading, playing and following in the interest of what your little ones wants to do is where learning will happen.

Grief & Loss (Episode 4)

Parents and kids are grieving the loss of everyday moments as well as major milestones in their lives: that much anticipated birthday party or graduation ceremony that may not be happening at all — or that’s happening in a different way this year. In this frank and heartfelt conversation, Ann Douglas and Dr Jean Clinton share their own experiences with grief.

Screen Time (Episode 5)

Do the normal rules of screen time apply when you’re in the midst of a pandemic — or is it more important to consider how screens are being used? Ann Douglas and Dr Jean Clinton offer some practical and non-judgemental advice on finding some sensible middle ground as a family.