What type of technology do I need?
You will need regular access to a computer, tablet or smart phone with Internet connection. It is strongly recommended that students have Internet access at home to be successful in eCourses.

How much does an online course cost?
There is no fee for students to take online courses.

How do I register to take an online course?
If you are under 21 years of age contact your school guidance counsellor or see instructions under registration information.

Who teaches the online courses?
Certified Ontario teachers employed by the Waterloo Region District School Board teach all of our online courses.

Will I be completely on my own when taking a course?
No. You will find that online learning is very collaborative and provides many opportunities for discussion and sharing of ideas.

How are tests taken?
Quizzes/tests, depending on the course, may be taken online or at the student’s home school, as arranged by the teacher and student.

Will I need textbooks or other materials with my class?
The courses are designed so all materials are accessible online.

Where do I go to get help?
Course help is available through the online teacher who will provide contact information at the beginning of each course. Technical help is available through the online help desk or through a toll free phone number which will be provided at the beginning of the course.

What is the role of the parent/guardian in online learning?
Parents/guardians should assist the student by encouraging active and regular participation in the course, supporting the completion of assignments in a timely manner, and monitoring progress.

How do you contact an online teacher?
Online teachers are available to talk to students or parents/guardians by telephone at the teacher’s school, through email, or through online procedures set by the teacher at the beginning of the course.