Fast Facts for New Grade 9 Students and Families


As of September 2022, Grade 9 students are no longer required to choose between Applied or Academic level courses. This change is the result of strong evidence across Waterloo Region and Ontario that supports eliminating the pressure for Grade 8 students and families to choose between Applied and Academic courses in favour of de-streaming. The goal of de-streaming is to provide more equitable graduation and achievement outcomes, and increased access to all Grade 11 course options, for all students. New course curriculum in Grade 9 Math (MTH1W) and Science (SNC1W) has already been introduced in 2021-2023, and beginning in the 2023-2024 school year, new English course content (ENL1W) will also be implemented. For more information on de-streaming, please see our De-streaming web page.

Course Selection

Grade 8 students will have selected courses for their Grade 9 year by March 10, 2023. Students will receive help on the MyBlueprint tool used to register for their classes at school with their guidance counselor. Parents can approve the courses selected in the MyBlueprint program, and questions can be directed to school administration and guidance staff. In Grade 9 students will take:

  • English (ENG1L)
  • Math (MTH1W)
  • Science (SNC1W)
  • Geography (CGC1D)
  • French (FSF1D)
  • 3 optional courses (ex: Drama, Health and Physical Education, Music, Art, etc.)

What School Will I Attend?

If you are not sure what school your student will attend and if they are eligible for the school bus, please check the School Finder on our website. If would like to know more about what courses your student will take in their time at high school, please check our secondary page.

Transition to High School

All secondary schools in the WRDSB look forward to meeting and working with incoming Grade 9 students and families. Parents, guardians and caregivers can help with the transition to high school by taking an interest in the new school, attending parent information nights and school tours, and communicating with the new high school staff if there are any questions or concerns. We look forward to greeting current Grade 8 students at annual school visits, where students will get a chance to tour the school to learn about the programs and fun activities waiting for them. High school can be a great experience, and we want to ensure it is as smooth and successful as possible.

Changes for Grade 10

The WRDSB has extended de-streaming into Grade 10 to ensure students have all the rich opportunities for learning they deserve and to which they are entitled. By September 2024, most students will take only Academic courses in their Grade 10 year. Our goal is to support all students in a high level of academic and personal success and an environment of high expectations combined with individualized support. By implementing this program, all students will have access to all pathway options in their Grade 11 year.

Changes for Grade 11 and 12

In Grades 11 and 12, students will work with their guidance counselor and family to select courses that support their interests and post secondary pathway of choice. It is important to remember that some mandatory graduation requirements will become more important in these final years of high school. Guidance counselors will help keep students on track for the two mandatory e-learning credits (new), the literacy requirement (test or course), 18 compulsory credits, 12 optional credits, and community service hours.

Remote Learning

The WRDSB will continue to run a secondary remote learning program in the 2023-2024 school year. Families that are interested in the remote learning program should identify this interest to the school guidance staff. Once the program details are finalized, the school will contact these students and their families to discuss the course options available.