How are staff preparing for de-streaming?

WRDSB staff have been preparing for de-streaming in Grade 9 mathematics since the announcement was made by the Province in July 2020. This has included significant preparation by central staff, who have developed an extensive library of support material and resources for mathematics educators to access.

During the summer break, educators had the opportunity to take part in the Summer Math Institute. This series featured a variety of keynote speakers, webinars and small group sessions designed to enhance educators’ strategies to help learners grow in their math identity and knowledge.

Will my child’s needs be met?

Yes. Our goal is to provide high-quality mathematics education to all students. The research shows that all students benefit when they learn together. The new Grade 9 math course will continue to hold high expectations for learning, offer opportunities to extend thinking, and develop students’ critical thinking.

Our educators understand that every student is at a different stage in their personal learning journey, and they design instructional and assessment opportunities with these differences in mind.

My child has struggled to engage in online learning this year and I’m worried they are behind where they should be. Will a de-streamed class be the right fit for them?

Yes. Educators are well aware that students had a variety of learning experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learning activities in de-streamed classes are designed to meet students where they are while providing multiple opportunities to progress along their individual learning journeys.

What supports will be in place to ensure my child experiences success in their courses?

Educators will continue to be the primary source of support. However, classroom teachers will work in partnership with Special Education teachers, Student Success teachers, Educational Assistants, and other education workers to ensure all students have access to the supports they need to be successful.

What if my child plans to attend college, or enroll in an apprenticeship program?

Students who take de-streamed courses in Grade 9 will have the opportunity to pursue all post-secondary options after secondary school, including apprenticeship, college, university or the workplace.

Specialized post-secondary preparation courses are offered beginning in Grade 11 and 12.

Will any other subject areas be impacted by this shift?

The de-streaming of the Grade 9 math curriculum is the first step towards further de-streaming in other curriculum areas, which will better support all students in having every opportunity to pursue the pathway of their choice after their K-12 education.

While we do not yet know what other courses and curriculum may be changed, rest assured that we will communicate those changes to our students, family and school communities as they occur.

Where can I find more information about the new math course (MTH1W)?

The new course (MTH1W) will be available for educators and parents on the Ontario Curriculum and Resources website.