May 5-11 is Children’s Mental Health Week across Ontario. This important week allows us to bring awareness to the prevalence of mental health issues and the need to support our childrens’ mental health.

Supporting mental health and well-being

Having our students experience a caring learning environment that addresses their well-being is important to us. We recognize and appreciate the relationship between student mental health and academic success. When we attend to student wellness in our school system and within our classrooms, students have a greater opportunity to reach their academic and social-emotional potential.

Who can I talk to at school regarding my child’s mental health concerns?

  • You may find it helpful to speak to your child’s teacher. The school Principal or guidance department (in secondary schools) is always a good place to go for help too. They will connect you with other resources you may need.
  • Each school has access to a designated school social worker and psychologist through a referral process that happens at the school.
  • If you are worried about your child’s mental health, or that of someone else, be sure to ask for help from your family doctor or health care professional.

Where can I find resources?

Waterloo Region District School Board Mental Health Strategy

  • Offers links and resources to community partner information, and lists helpful FAQs to navigate tough conversations.

Caregivers’ Guide to Accessing Support for Students with Anxiety

  • We understand that many families are looking for support and resources for children who may be struggling with anxiety., so the WRDSB has created a guide to help families recognize signs their child may be struggling with anxiety, while also providing resources to help them support their child. The guide also outlines tiers of support available to students in school, depending on their level of need.

Parents/Guardians Resource List

  • This webpage is a great resource to provide information on specific topics in mental health and well-being, with some providing further links to community resources.

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