Day 3: Queensmount’s “Operation Give so People can Live”

Operation Give so People can Live

Queensmount Leadership Team

The giving spirit is alive at Queensmount Public School, where a group of 35 students from the Queensmount Leadership Team (QLT) are rapping their way into the holidays. Yes, rapping.

“We have a really great group of QLT students, they truly amaze me,” said Taryn Dowsling, a Grade 8 and special education resource teacher. “We pitched the idea of a holiday fundraiser to them and they just ran with it. They even have a rap about their project Operation Give so People can Live.”

Through their project, the QLT students are partnering with the Food Bank of Waterloo Region to raise funds, non-perishable food items and hygiene products.

Standing near the Grade 8 bank of lockers, with the morning announcements playing, complemented by the team’s rap, the group is met by the day’s donations: toilet paper, toothbrushes, soap and money. The joy on the faces of the students giving is matched by the gratitude of the QLT team.

“I love this part of my job, because I get to help my students see their role in the community,” Dowsling continued. “They’ve really come together to make a big impact.”

Listening to the students as they sort the day’s donations, you can feel their energy. When asked about what they like about this project, they quickly shout out lots of responses:
“It feels good!”
“I’m excited by how much we’ve done!”
“Over two weeks, our school will help so many people.”

While their drive ended on December 8, the QLT will continue their work, sorting items and getting them to the food bank and into the hands of those that need them this holiday season.

We are counting down 12 days of giving where we feature some of the wonderful acts of kindness our staff and students are modelling during the holiday season.

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