Each day, 62,000 students across Waterloo Region, come through the doors of our schools ready to learn. Every classroom and the students within it are different, yet there is one thing they all have in common, a dedicated teacher.

October 5 is designated as World Teachers’ Day by UNESCO, a day devoted to improving and appreciating educators throughout the world.  In the Waterloo Region District School Board, our teachers are partners, dedicated to the success of our students.

We began this school year by stating our commitment to put our students first – each and every one – as part of a new strategic plan. Every teacher is an integral piece of this plan. Senior staff and union leaders are working in partnership to refine our operational goals. We know that setting targets for mathematics, graduation rates and wellness are essential to student success. Our commitment to this focus allows us to intervene when students are not achieving.

Engaging our students in their education requires engaging teachers. Our classrooms are filled with teachers who encourage their students and provide a safe and inclusive learning environment. We are committed to supporting our teachers by providing them with quality learning opportunities throughout the year. One example is professional development; it is a key factor for establishing best practices and learning new ways to teach and inspire our next generation of learners.

Because of our teachers, our families and caregivers have confidence in the education their children receive in our schools every day. On behalf of the senior team and union partners, we would like to wish all of our teachers a happy World Teachers’ Day.

John Bryant
Director of Education
Greg Weiler
President, ETFO Waterloo Region
Sherry Freund
President, OSSTF District 24